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Feeding yourself as a student couldn't be simpler with our tips on preparing, cooking, eating, storing and shopping for food. The day you embark on a university course can often mean your first real time away from home.Student Cook offers advice and recipes on how to eat well enough to stay healthy and focused, with the minimum of fuss and, importantly, within budget.
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Case Studies
Case Studies: How I Cooked for Myself at University: A Case Study, How I Survived...
Cooking Basics
Cooking Basics: Basic Cooking Terms, The Quick Guide to Great Cooking, Using The...
Cooking Methods
Cooking Methods: Poaching, Stir Fries, Barbecue, Making Risotto, Making Bread...
Easy Entertaining
Easy Entertaining: Foolproof Lasagne, Breakfast on the Run, Fish Pie, Cheap Chilli,...
Eating On A Budget
Eating On A Budget: Student Teamwork in the Kitchen, Cooking With Leftovers: When the...
Fending For Yourself
Fending For Yourself: Getting to Know Your Fridge and Freezer,...
Healthy Eating
Healthy Eating: What Foods Are Best for You?, Easy Ways to Eat Five a Day, Simple...
How To Cook...
How To Cook...: How to Cook Eggs, How to Cook Fish, How to Cook Shellfish, How to...
Ideas For Every Occasion
Ideas For Every Occasion: Brunch, Lunch, The Morning After - Fight the...
No Time To Cook
No Time To Cook: Food on the Go, Quick Pasta Sauces, Ten Ideas for Jacket Potatoes,...
The Essential Guide To...
The Essential Guide To...: Beans and Pulses, Guide to African Cooking in...
Latest Comments
  • StudentCook
    Re: Dinner in 10 Minutes
    sissy - Your Question:What else can you do with jacket potato I have butter and a bit of gravy with mine
    19 June 2017
  • sissy
    Re: Dinner in 10 Minutes
    What else can you do with jacket potato I have butter and a bit of gravy with mine
    16 June 2017
  • cez
    Re: The Quick Guide to Great Cooking
    i'm a student want to learn more basic sauce and any additional ingredients for cream sauce white sauce.thank you
    1 June 2017
  • Panda
    Re: Ten Ideas for Jacket Potatoes
    Please could you add pictures of the goods if possible.
    11 June 2016
  • Philip
    Re: How to Cook Fish
    Your advice on poaching (and other ways of cooking) haddock seems very sensible and in touch with real life. This ( I know comparisons are odious…
    26 November 2015
  • stanos
    Re: Ten Ideas for Jacket Potatoes
    Could you help me with easy toppings for jaket bbq bake potatos ,for to cook 30 at a time need some help ,so come all you great…
    12 November 2015
  • StudentCook
    Re: Meals for £1
    Bb - Your Question:Students don't have luxrys like oil and an onion just hanging about or pepperOur Re
    18 September 2015
  • Evied
    Re: Cooking in Bulk
    Go into supermarkets late in the day and pick up reduced veg, Take home cut up in dinner portion Bags up in freezer bags Put in freezer til you…
    11 September 2015
  • Wendy
    Re: Ten Ideas for Jacket Potatoes
    In the U.S. we never eat tuna on our baked potatoes!! We add bacon, cheese, sour cream and green onions!!
    2 August 2015
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