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About Our Site

By: John Rowlinson - Updated: 27 Dec 2019 | comments*Discuss
About Our Site

StudentCook was formed to offer a unique reference point on student cooking for all occasions and budgets.

For many young people, the day they embark on a college or university course can mean their first real time away from home. Most feel a mixture of excitement and apprehension as they look forward to student life. But the daunting prospect of strange surroundings, lectures and exams can seem tame compared to the notion of being far removed from the comfort of home-cooked meals.

This StudentCook site has been devised as the answer to a very important aspect of your college and university years - how to fend for yourself. It gives advice on how to eat well enough to stay healthy and focused, with the minimum of fuss and, importantly, within budget.

The site caters for the novice cook, with instructions on basic cooking methods and advice on essential items of equipment. It shows you how to eat a varied diet and to make the best use of foods in season.

There are 'how to' sections on cooking all kinds of foods; and valuable tips on stocking up on important ingredients that mean a meal need only be minutes away. You may really start to enjoy producing your own meals. Or you may prefer to master a few recipes that can be made in a short time as your experience grows, leaving more time for study - or for socialising.

If you are in shared accommodation that's the best news yet - you can get everyone else involved and pool your knowledge as well as your funds.

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